Live Free: Discover the Keys to Living in God's Presence 24/7

"Many books have been written on this subject. This is the ONLY one that shows you how!" - Sid Roth, Host of It's Supernatural!

Unlock a lifestyle of freedom in God’s Presence. None of us are exempt from getting hurt. The problem is what we do with pain. Bitterness runs rampant. Unforgiveness is spreading at an epidemic rate. Brokenness is the norm, not the exception.
We may experience temporary freedom or momentary relief—then life faithfully throws something else right back at us ...

What if you can break the cycle?
What if freedom could become a lifestyle?
What if the secret to accessing this lifestyle was a Person?

In Live Free, Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark offer a user-friendly guide to unlocking your lifestyle of freedom through intimacy with God.
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Deep Relief NOW

New Expanded Version
Paperback book

“Many books have been written on the subject. This is the ONLY one that shows you HOW to receive inner healing quickly and completely!”
- Sid Roth, Host, It’s Supernatural Television

Listen to The Voice of Destiny Interview
with Dennis & Dr. Jen

If you are among the 90% of individuals looking for an effective solution to fear, pain, and frustration, Deep Relief Now is the book for you. Deep Relief Now tells the story of how God revealed the how-to’s for heart healing to Dennis, how Dennis brought healing to Dr. Jen, and, at the same time, teaches the same life changing secrets to you!

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Was Jesus a Capitalist?
Free Enterprise vs. Socialism

Thought-provoking information that will ROCK your political thinking! Read it before you vote again!

"Was Jesus a Capitalist? is a powerful, myth-busting book that confronts one of the central spiritual and political issues of our time. Dr. Jennifer Clark masterfully examines Biblical and historical evidence on the economic system that fosters liberty and shatters bondage and dependence. You need this book. Your friends need this book. Your country needs this book. The time has come for a new birth of freedom!"

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... a new series of children's books by Dennis & Dr. Jen.

The Great God Quest is all about the adventures of a young boy named Gold who goes on a Great Quest to discover God and God Country.

These books are designed to teach young children how to forgive from the heart, walk in the Spirit, experience the fruit of the Spirit as a daily reality...and much more! 

The Great God Quest: The Beginning

The Great God Quest tells the adventures of a young boy named Gold who goes on a Great Quest to discover God and God country.

The Beginning explains the important principles of location, Bible Heart, the door of the heart, as well as "dropping down." It also introduces the concept of open-forgive-peace: "as you received Christ Jesus. . . so continue to live in Him" (Colossians 2:6 NIV). 8" x 10" spiral bound. Ages: 3 and up

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The Great God Quest: Forgiveness and the God Emotions

In Forgiveness and the God Emotions, Gold learns about good and bad emotions, how to experience the fruit of the Spirit, and how to forgive to deal with negative emotions instantly. 8" x 10", spiral bound. Ages: 4 and up

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The Great God Quest: Two Books in One

Come along on a grand adventure to discover God and learn all about God Country! Join us on a Great God Quest. 8" x 10". Ages 4 and up.

Includes two books in one:


THE GREAT GOD QUEST: Forgiveness and the God Emotions

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The Great God Quest: Gold Goes to the School of the Spirit

In the school of the Spirit, Gold learns how to touch the presence of Godforgive, tap into the fruit of the Spirit, deal with scary things, capture pesky thoughts...and much, much more. 

Contains eight lessons appropriate for home, Christian school curriculum, and Sunday school use. An activity is included for each lesson. 8" x 10" spiral bound, 101 pages. 
Ages: 6-11  

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