American History

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America's Spiritual Seedplots

"Arise, O Lord God, to your resting place!" is a phrase used by the Israelites when the Ark of the Covenant was moving to a new place (Numbers 10:35). This passage was quoted by Solomon when the cloud of God's glory filled the temple (2 Chron. 6-7). This same passage was quoted in Psalm 132, one of the Songs of Ascent (Psalm 120-134), the pilgrim's song of ascending to the spiritual heights of Mt. Zion, the dwelling place of God. The next step described in the Songs of Ascent is unity. God's Presence comes, and unity happens (Psalm 133).

Our nation covenanted with God to be a dwelling place of God (Psalm 132) and a place of unity (Psalm 133). That is essentially a national Pentecost!


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Patriot Preachers

The Black Regiment was a name given to the patriot-preachers who "thundered from the pulpits" in Colonial America. They were called the "black" regiment because pastors in those days wore long black robes when they preached.

During the War of Independence there was a group of heroic men referred to as the "Black Regiment." The very name enraged the British armies. As heroes in the war, their courage and leadership were hailed throughout the colonies from Massachusetts to Georgia. This "Black Regiment" was responsible for providing the conviction and wisdom necessary for winning a war against the cruelty of an unjust government.


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Puritan Pastors: Watchmen and Prophets of Freedom

Puritan pastors in the American colonies "had a deep and [reverent] sense of their role as prophets and ‘watchmen,’" and the annual election sermon was their solemn obligation and the high point of this great responsibility.


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Did you know that the United States Capitol was once used as a CHURCH?  As soon as Congress itself first began to meet in the new US Capitol building in Washington DC, God was invited to move in!


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