Gatherings are small groups of people who meet together in an informal environment—usually in homes. People often attend church but never really learn to deal with their issues, get involved, be discipled in house schools, develop close relationships with one another, or be accountable in a practical way. Our Gatherings fulfill these important elements of church life. The Gathering leaders are also available to pray, counsel, and lend support and encouragement. If you are interested, we encourage you to get connected.



  • To get Connected

Gatherings connect people with one another. It is a place where you can gather with one another and develop quality relationships—true knittings of the heart.

  • To be Transformed

Gatherings facilitate personal transformation through ministry and teaching. It is a place where you can experience heart healing, learn the Full Stature approach, and be equipped to minister healing to others.

  • To get Ignited

Gatherings are designed to ignite passion and purpose. It is a place where you can be set on fire with the kingdom of God.

John [the Baptist] intervened: “I’m baptizing you here in the river. The main character in this drama, to whom I’m a mere stagehand, will ignite the kingdom life, a fire, the Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out (Luke 3:16 MSG).


Believers need Gatherings

    •           To grow closer to God and others. 
    •           To have support when in need.
    •           To develop as ministers to help others.     

Gatherings need you!

    •           To be part of a team.
    •           To give and receive in the Spirit.
    •           To be a blessing to those in need.