Full Stature Ministries

Dennis and Dr. Jennifer Clark founded Full Stature Ministries in 1997 to minister to the body of Christ at large. They teach and minister with an emphasis on emotional wholeness and spiritual maturity, full stature (Ephesians 4:13). Their vision is demystifying oneness with God.

The Lord has given Dennis and Dr. Jen wisdom of application in the "how-to's" to equip believers in abiding prayer, accelerated forgiveness and sanctification (healing the brokenhearted and removing barriers in the heart), how to walk in the Spirit, and live the fruit of the Spirit in everyday life.

Full Stature Ministries is the covering for Kingdom Life Church and TEAM Embassy, and also provides apostolic oversight for churches and ministries. Full Stature Ministries headquarters is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. 

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Physical healing after emotional healing

A young woman was supernaturally healed of four physical diseases after receiving emotional healing after applying the principles in Dr. Jen's Biology of Faith series. No more pain, and results from lab tests came back completely normal. Her doctors were amazed!


Victims of abuse healed

Victims of molestation and rape who were continuously tormented by the past were instantly healed.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

War vets have been quickly  healed of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in one prayer session.


Panic attacks healed 

"I was afraid all the time after I was in a horrible car wreck. I couldn't drive the car without being afraid, had nightmares. I began to be afraid to try to go anywhere that involved driving a car. Out of the blue something would trigger it and I would be paralyzed with fear. I have been completely healed. No more nightmares, no more dread, no more problems with driving the car."


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Dr. Brian Simmons, West Haven, Connecticut - "Their teaching is biblically based and profoundly life changing. We can assure you that their ministry will leave a deposit of enduring blessing in your church."

James Goll, Nashville, Tennessee - "Others were pioneers in the process of inner transformation, but [the Clarks] have an accelerated version that takes it much farther and faster."

Mickey and Barbara Robinson, Nashville, Tennessee - "Dennis and Jennifer Clark carry the gifts to minister and equip - to set people free, as well as empower them to set others free.. . . Freeing and healing the inner man is so needed to destroy [inner] conflict [in the lives of believers]... Barbara and I totally enjoy them as new friends and highly recommend them to your ministry."


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CHUCK PIERCE, 6/9/07  

That couple that’s leaving, let me just prophesy to them...  

The Lord would say to you, I have found you and I have drawn you back into the place that I have for you. I have caused that which tried to overtake you and produce darkness, discouragement, in you, now it’s becoming light again, says the Lord.

And I’m going to use you to begin to communicate in new ways. And I am going to send you forth to change things in a new way. The Lord says, it’s as if you have just started. And I have re-made you and you have a new look. And now I say the next chapter will begin with you and I will begin to write that chapter and many will run to see it.

I say, as a matter of fact, when you get back to wherever it is that you are going, sit down and write the chapter and vision of now how you’re going to move forward, and I will multiply it 100 fold.

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