About Us!


Change your life forever by learning to live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in everyday life! Discover true freedom in Christ and in the process learn a revolutionary new approach for heart-healing and living life in the Spirit.

God created the physical body to be self-healing. In the same way, the body of Christ should also be self-healing by allowing Jesus to be Lord of all aspects of life. In other words, all believers are able to encounter Christ the Healer, Christ the Deliverer, and Christ the Forgiver within their own hearts. We don't beg Him for healing, deliverance, or forgiveness. We allow Him to remove any barriers in our own hearts, then yield to Him—God with us and in us.


What made the Book of Acts church possible? A group of 120 imperfect people came into one accord and this alignment allowed heaven and earth to meet in an explosion of glory. What is needed today? Believers with healed hearts who are connected in one accord and desperate for more of God. We are not a church for casual attendees, but those who are in passionate pursuit of God. We are dedicated to pioneering a way to a Book of Acts church experience!

It is simply a matter of learning the how-to's (biblically based keys that bring real life transformation) and allowing the divine ordering of true unity. Unity is a spiritual experience, not a doctrinal concept. "One accord" creates a portal to release heaven on earth.


The pastoral staff at Kingdom Life Church functions as coaches, equipping the team to play the game! Become an equipped participator, healed and whole. Now is the time for the "New Creation you" to emerge - identity, gifts, and calling.